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RAZ DC25000

RAZ DC25000

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RAZ DC25000 Disposable Vape is a groundbreaking device that sets new standards for disposable vapes, boasting an extraordinary 25,000 puffs to satisfy vapers seeking top-tier quality and durability. The Geek Bar RAZ DC25000 represents innovation at its finest, ensuring an exceptional vaping experience with each puff.


The naming convention of the RAZ DC25000 disposable vape is straightforward. "DC" stands for dual premium mesh coil. "25,000" represents the estimated puff count in regular mode.

This is a feature laden device that has a lot more to offer than two power modes. The RAZ DC25000 disposable vape is much more impressive in person than in pictures. To improve the ergonomic design, a genuine leather inset has been placed on the side opposite the MEGA HD DISPLAY SCREEN to increase your grip.

It has a dual coil and dual controls. The airflow control switch operates independently of the power modes, which are switched with a click button control. In terms of size, it is a bit bulkier than the RAZ TN9000 and has a bit of heft to it. With mod-like features this is to be expected. But arriving precharged and focusing the type of flavor profile that appeals to adult vaper's taste buds, it is ideal for on the go vaping and a reliable companion.

Both e-liquid capacity and puff count are improved on this new Raz Vape model. The original RAZ TN9000 looked for all the world like a Geek Vape Pulse disposable with a single coil rather than dual modes. Vape lovers may have enjoyed both products, but the disposable vape market rewards innovation. The RAZ DC25000 offering extended vaping sessions that neither Geek Vape or the first generation RAZ TN9000 could match. In terms of vaping experience. the RAZ DC25000 Disposable vape levels up compared to its predecessor.


The RAZ DC25000 embraces several features that will be very familiar to veteran vapers and mod users and serves as a reminder of how stifling FDA regulations have artificially restricted adult access to more efficient alternative devices. Adult vape lovers seek hassle free vaping and satisfaction at an affordable price. Here is where disposable vape devices excel.

The first unique feature of the RAZ DC25000 Disposable vape really is a callback to last decade, the addition of a patch of leather for added grip. Before chipsets came down in price and 200-watt vapes reached a more affordable price point, this kind of attention to detail was something you might find on premium vape mod that ran on not one, not two, but three 18650 batteries.

Vaping satisfaction is the name of the game, with a nicotine strength of 50mg and user centric features.


The fact a leather wrap is now on a one-time use device is mildly depressing perhaps, imagine how far refillable vapes could have advanced without the Deeming Rule of 2016 locking in ancient and now obsolete technology for the PMTA Process, but it is what it is. Afterall, it is what we voted for. Oh wait, those are unelected bureaucrats making the decisions...

The RAZ DC25000 looks even nicer in person than it does in pictures. There is also a slot for lanyard to make toting easy, probably not strictly necessary for most but another nice example of attention to detail and execution. The mouthpiece is basically identical to the RAZ TN9000, but the draw-characteristics are improved. More on that later.

This device has a pair of control interfaces and looks not unlike a small mod with the size of its screen. This is a disposable vape that includes overcharge protection. The ability to dim the screen and switch modes separately from the airflow is greatly appreciated. And all these features aside, if ease of use is the most important factor on your vaping journey it is still draw-activated and arrives precharged.


Most of the new RAZ disposable vape device's features are represented on the Mega-HD screen. But in another example of what is old is new again, it does have a button. Buttons have been a no-go for most inexpensive refillable pod kits, gas station pod kits and disposable vape for a decade. On some rival disposable vapes you can access the boost/turbo /pulse by sliding a switch on the bottom. The Orion Bar 10000 was one of the first, and the RAZ TN9000 had this feature. The switch also had air hole bored into it so you could control airflow.

The RAZ DC25000 has this style airflow control but a button on the side allows you to toggle between Boost Mode and Regular Mode. You can tell what mode you are in by the screen. Boost Mode is 24-watts and regular mode is 12-watts, and these wattage strengths are clearly displayed on the Mega HD Screen. However, the powerful Boosted vaping experience will leave little question about which setting you have chosen. Unfortunately, if puff count is your preferred performance metric Boost will decrease quantity compared to the regular setting.

The actual e-liquid indicator and battery indicator are very similar to the displays on the original RAZ TN9000.



  • Blue Raz Ice: The flavor profile of Blue Raz Ice features a light touch of menthol, with a mild, perfectly mellow raspberry finish. Its light menthol undertones will keep refreshing your senses all day and night..
  • Bangin Sour Berries: Time to get bangin’ with the flavor detonation of Bangin Sour Berries by RAZ DC 25000. Tart berries blast off with a sour twist, creating a bold and vibrant vaping experience that will awaken your sleepy taste buds.
  • Cherry Strapple: “Strapple” this delightful blend on for size! The clever combination of juicy cherries with crisp apples hits differently, with a burst of fruity flavor that will awaken and rejuvenate your senses.
  • Blueberry Watermelon: A refreshing palate pleaser. Juicy watermelon mixes it up with ripe blueberries for a burst of fruity flavor that will activate your taste buds with every puff.
  • Raspberry Limeade: It’s thirst quenching time with Raspberry Limeade by RAZ DC 25000. Tangy raspberries are emulsified into slightly sweetened lime juice, creating a refreshing and invigorating vaping experience that will leave you saying,”How did they do that?”
  • Night Crawler: Get a Nightlife! Immerse yourself in the delightful darkness of Night Crawler by RAZ DC 25000. This mysterious flavor blend combines deep, rich pungency with just a touch of sweetness, creating a mystifying nighttime (or daytime) vaping experience!
  • Miami Mint: Feel the spirit of South Beach, with this fantastic fusion of chilled mint with a hint of tropical fruit. This breezy vape experience will make you feel like you’re cruising the strip along the lively shores of Miami Beach. Welcome to the 305!
  • Georgia Peach: The taste of summer is all yours with Georgia Peach. This fruity blend brings juicy sweet peaches to your vaping sessions. It’s like a stroll through a sun-kissed orchard with every puff.
  • Strawberry Ice: Revel in the luscious taste of freshly picked strawberries, enhanced by a touch of icy menthol, creating a crisp and invigorating vaping sensation.
  • Sour Apple Watermelon: A solid punch of Sour Apple Watermelon by RAZ DC 25000 your palate will love. Tart green apples smash up with sweet watermelon, creating a climactic combination of flavors that leave your taste buds tingling every time.
  • Iced Blue Dragon: Cool your jets with Iced Blue Dragon by RAZ DC 25000. This frosty combo features the taste of wild mountain blueberries and exotic dragon fruit, menthol twist at the end that will electrify your senses.
  • Sour Watermelon Peach: Bring a sour flavor explosion to your day with Sour Watermelon Peach by RAZ DC 25000. Watermelon and juicy peaches get it all together in this bombastic blend, for a burst of interesting flavors that leave you happily craving much more.
  • Strawberry Burst: It’s delightfully juicy! The sweet allure of Strawberry Burst by RAZ DC 25000 is undeniable. Ripe strawberries literally burst with flavor in this terrific blend, for a taste of summer’s strawberry fields with every puff.
  • Strawberry Orange Tang: Expect a surprising burst of citrus with Strawberry Orange Tang by RAZ DC 25000. Tangy Florida oranges blend with garden fresh strawberries that make every day with this flavor brighter!
  • Wintergreen: Embracing the cool of winter’s crisp taste is so easy with Wintergreen by RAZ DC 25000. This savory winter flavor combines minty freshness with a pinch of sweetness, creating a satisfying vaping experience that leaves you feeling invigorated.
  • Watermelon Ice: This mouthwatering choice combines the taste of ripe watermelon with a pinch of icy menthol. It’s a juice filled watermelon fiesta at the peak of its ripeness, bathed in the perfect amount of menthol that delivers that frozen finish so many crave.



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